Der Thriller „Oath of Loyalty“ ist der 21. Band der Mitch Rapp-Reihe von dem US-amerikanischen Autor Vince Flynn. Dieses Buch wurde noch nicht übersetzt.

  1. Infos über das Buch:
  2. Serie: Mitch Rapp 21
  3. Verlag: Simon + Schuster UK
  4. Seiten: 384
  5. Veröffentlichung: 13.9.2022
  6. Formate: Buch, eBook, Hörbuch
  7. Buch-ISBN:‎‎ 9781982164911

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Inhaltsangabe von „Oath of Loyalty“:

Oath of Loyalty von Vince FlynnMitch Rapp confronts a very different kind of killer in the explosive new thriller in Vince Flynn’s #1 New York Times bestselling series, written by Kyle Mills.
With President Anthony Cook convinced that Mitch Rapp poses a mortal threat to him, CIA Director Irene Kennedy is forced to construct a truce between the two men. The terms are simple: Rapp agrees to leave the country and stay in plain sight for as long as Cook controls the White House. In exchange, the administration agrees not to make any moves against him.
This fragile détente holds until Cook’s power-hungry security adviser convinces him that Rapp has no intention of honoring their agreement. In an effort to put him on the defensive, they leak the true identity of his partner, Claudia Gould. As Rapp races to neutralize the enemies organizing against her, he discovers that a new generation of assassins is on her trail. A killer known to intelligence agencies only as Legion.

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