Das Buch „The Succession“ ist eine Shortstory aus der Vespasian-Reihe von dem Autor Robert Fabbri und wurde noch nicht übersetzt.

  1. Infos über das Buch:
  2. Serie: Vespasian
  3. Verlag: Corvus
  4. Seiten: 66
  5. Veröffentlichung: 5.4.2018
  6. Formate: eBook
  7. Buch-ISBN:‎‎ 9781786493576

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Inhaltsangabe von „The Succession“:

The Succession von Robert FabbriRome 51 AD. When a secretive astrologer is found murdered, Marcus Salvius Magnus, leader of the South Quirinal Crossroads Brotherhood, suspects that there is more to the brutal slaughter in his district than it seems. As Magnus pieces together the motives behind the plot, it emerges that the astrologer had been drawing up illegal horoscopes for the powerful and wealthy in Rome, including Magnus‘ patron, Senator Gaius Vespasius Pollo.
But knowledge of this kind can be deadly. With Magnus‘ enemies closing in, danger from both within the Brotherhood’s ranks and from rival gang the West Viminal threatens everything he has fought for. Magnus must use every trick known to him to survive, and to try to come out on top…

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